My work is inspired by Technology.

I use programming knowledge to create
solutions that produce impact.

  • Simple Maths

    Simple Maths

    Android Mobile App - 2015

    Simple Maths was my first Android Application. It is a free gaming app for kids, this was my first android application made entirely in Java, but unfortunately, I lost the Keystore and can no longer access the APK.

  • Budgeting Buddy

    Budgeting Buddy

    Android Mobile App - 2018

    Budgeting Buddy is a simple App meant to help maintain your monthly and daily budgets, the app is free, and you should be able to enjoy all free features without problems.

  • Doers


    Android 2019 - 2020

    Doers is a slick application for a community of doers. I helped design the UI/UX of the Android Application and worked on it with a fantastic team of developers.

  • Devsfolio


    Android App

    Devsfolio aimed to connect developers around the world through open-source learning. Through the Grow With Google Scholarship, the project was made possible. The project's idea was to bring developers together through networking and to help them showcase their works by creating individual portfolios. Developers were to develop accounts, publish their jobs, and share them within their network.

  • Machine Learning

    Machine Learning

    Machine Learning

    Exploring how I can integrate Machine Learning into my daily work.

  • Straight Talk FoundationApp

    Straight Talk FoundationApp

    Straight Talk Foundation App is an application I made for my favorite Non-Governmental Organization for free as part of giving back to the community. Straight Talk is a Youth-centred adolescent sexuality and reproductive health program that incorporates a newspaper, a network of clubs, a radio/ TV show, and training programs.